cerebellar stroke


The first year, maybe 2 years after an injury like this you’re going to seriously contemplate checking out of this world.  I did.  I contemplated that a lot, probably everyday.  Don’t.  Those first couple of years, just stay alive.  The hell… Read More ›


This is a joke.  Seriously.  I don’t know if you can reblog something from Blogspot to WordPress so I just copied and pasted. The original links are here and here. Kaiser Permanente Receives Honor for Outstanding Heart Attack, Stroke Care The Right… Read More ›

Mood Swings

After a brain injury, you’re gonna have VERY little control over your moods.  It’s indescribably better than it used to be but I still have problems with this.  Sometimes I’m a horrible bitch, sometimes I’m unbelievably mean.  But now I… Read More ›

Center of the Brain

Thanks for making me aware of this Dean.  Please go here and make a donation.  Their goal is exactly the kind of thing that I would like to be involved in. “Center of the Brain” is STARTING in San Diego,… Read More ›


Rehabbing stroke survivors needs to change.  Not just stroke survivors, people with any kind of brain issue.  Something needs to change.  I don’t know what yet but something needs to change.  I’m not happy with some of the care that… Read More ›