cerebellar stroke

Continuing Education

In order to keep my PT license active, I have to do 30 CEUs every 2 years.  CEU = continuing education unit.  It’s good that they make us continue to educate ourselves.  I got the credits for Peter’s course.  That was good… Read More ›

Strength Training

When I started writing this blog, I wrote with an I don’t give a crap attitude.  I didn’t worry about hurting feelings – my feelings have been hurt A LOT.  I didn’t worry about offending anyone – I have been offended… Read More ›


This is really really orthopedic.  I heard on the radio this morning that Ryan Lochte tore his MCL.  If you don’t know who Ryan Lochte is email me about it because I’ll surely get sued for libel if I talk… Read More ›

Mission Statement

I’ve been told many times that I’m wise beyond my years.  Well you know what, I sure shit am.  A 33 year-old should not know the things that I know.  A 33 year-old should not have had to go through… Read More ›

Garbage Cans

The other day I was bringing back my and my neighbor’s empty garbage cans from outside the house.  My neighbor’s garbage can is pretty heavy and I was taking it up stairs.  Stairs + carrying things = bad combo.  So… Read More ›