cervical spine


When I first started dating my guy friend, he slept with two pillows.  I told him to start sleeping with one pillow, to take one away.  A few days later he texted me from work and said “my neck feels… Read More ›

The Myotome Dance

A myotome is the muscle(s) that correlates to a spinal segment.  For example, your biceps are your C5 myotome.  Or is it C6?  I forget, anyway the nerves that come out of the 5th segment of your spine control the biceps.  So… Read More ›


I spent the first 4 years(and the only 4 years) of my career as a physical therapist becoming certified in this technique.  After I became certified, 6 months later I had a stroke.  Regardless of the MAGNITUDE of stuff I’ve learned… Read More ›