I remember that years ago, someone had left a comment on my blog asking me if I had ever heard of Earthing. I hadn’t. And I also didn’t read about it or research it. At the time, it sounded like… Read More ›

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Someone left a comment on my relocation post that said what I’m doing (moving to Florida) in order to treat the intense Seasonal Affective Disorder that I experience will be no more than a placebo effect if it works.  Nope,… Read More ›


This kinda goes against my post yesterday and against probably the image of myself that I’m putting out there, that’s partially why I want to write this.  I don’t feel like this often anymore but today has been a horrible,… Read More ›

Caregiver Education

This blog post isn’t about a caregiver learning to maneuver a wheelchair correctly or how to guard someone on the steps.  This is about something that I was never taught, my friend who’s an OT was never taught, and we… Read More ›