Eastern medicine

2 Years

WordPress just sent me a notification that today is my 2-year anniversary of starting the blog.  I remember reading somewhere that the majority of personal blogs are discontinued within 2 years because of lack of interest.  So good for me… Read More ›

Sleep and Rest

There is a theme in stroke recovery and that theme is ‘repetition.’  I say it all the time.  But I think I say it too much.  I think I’m giving the wrong impression.  It’s easy for me to say that… Read More ›

Wake Up Call

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a pretty opinionated person. I tell it like it is. And if I think I’m right about something, which I often think – I think I’m right – and that you’re wrong. 🙂 … Read More ›

Eastern vs. Western Medicine

Most of my docs, therapists, nurses – not so good.  Some were great, optimal word being ‘some.’  So I found my own ways to feel better and get out of this Hell.  I used to think Alternative Medicine was not… Read More ›