eccentric contraction

Eccentric Control

A search term on my blog recently was “what does eccentricity control?” Well, it can control having a somewhat strange personality, which I do, so I guess eccentricity controls my personality. But, when talking about muscle movement and what is… Read More ›


I don’t care who you are or where you came from, going downstairs and downhill is harder than going upstairs or uphill.  This is because the muscles that control that motion are working very differently.  The same muscles control the… Read More ›

Eccentric Control

Ok so this is something I knew but REALLY, REALLY, REALLY learned first hand in the last few years.  An eccentric contraction is when the muscle is used to go down a hill, step, or lower something.  Eccentric contractions are harder,… Read More ›

Achilles Tendonitis

Someone wound up on my blog by searching ‘achilles tendonitis.’  So here ya go.  Everyone knows what the achilles tendon is right?  It’s at the back of the heel, it connects the calf muscles to the heel bone.  Umm there are a couple… Read More ›


Well Dean, going down steps is an eccentric contraction.  I know you know what that is so I won’t describe it, for anyone that doesn’t know – click the link.  You said your knee pops out of alignment, I’m assuming… Read More ›