Foot Pain

I’ve given out this exercise 3 times recently to people who asked me about pain in their foot.   Two of those people have confirmed that it fixed the pain, I’m awaiting feedback from the 3rd person.  So I thought I… Read More ›


Ok Elizabeth, I’m gonna tackle the shoe issue.  Admittedly, I’m not positive what causes this to happen to us.  I’ll tell you what I’ve had luck with and what I THINK is going on.  First, really thorough knowledge of the gait… Read More ›

Plantar Fasciitis

ORTHOPEDIC.  I’m having some pain on the bottom of my foot right now.  I self-diagnosed it as plantar fasciitis.  You shouldn’t do that, you shouldn’t diagnose yourself.  Well actually maybe you should, doctors don’t seem to know much.  Anyway, a… Read More ›