Gait gait gait gait gait

Dean asked me recently if I knew of any videos or anything demonstrating the proper mechanics of gait.  I didn’t, but I looked around the interweb and found this.  It’s really good.  But it’s also kinda boring and technical.  But… Read More ›


I’ve written a lot about walking.  This is another thing that I first wrote about before I knew that I didn’t know anything.  They told us in PT school that gait and everything that goes along with gait is a… Read More ›


Ok Elizabeth, I’m gonna tackle the shoe issue.  Admittedly, I’m not positive what causes this to happen to us.  I’ll tell you what I’ve had luck with and what I THINK is going on.  First, really thorough knowledge of the gait… Read More ›

More About My Gait

I’ll say it again….I was very, very ,very lucky in that I could walk shortly after I stroked. Some people can’t walk for a long, long time – or ever. So whenever I walk, downward slopes are MUCH harder. This… Read More ›

My Gait

Gait just means the way you walk.  In PT school, we were taught to look for certain things when evaluating someone’s gait.  Well, after the stroke I was lucky to stand up.  My gait – terrible to say the least. … Read More ›