Sciatic Nerve Mobilization

Dean found a research article stating that mobilization of the sciatic nerve can help poststroke hemiparetic leg pain.  I know about this.  Nerve glides.  It’s also called nerve flossing.  All of the nerves in the body are connected somehow to… Read More ›


I was talking to Barb recently and she made such a good observation and suggestion for a post.  The term ‘hemiparesis’ means one-sided weakness.  Hemi = half and paresis = weakness.  After a stroke, you’re going to be described as… Read More ›


When I was 24 I decided to go to school for physical therapy. I was bored and thought well I’ll go do this…. A few years after I finished that up I thought, just to mix it up a little,… Read More ›

Rolling Over

Tiniree said that she was discharged from the hospital without having been taught how to more easily roll over and get up.  This bothered me for 2 reasons……… 1. It was obviously important to her and…….. 2. Rolling over was… Read More ›