hip abductors

Trendelenburg Gait

It’s also called lurch gait.  This gait pattern I bet is really, really common in stroke survivors.  Trendelenburg gait happens when one side of the body has really weak hip abductor muscles. This is what happens……when you’re walking…let’s use the… Read More ›


Well Dean, going down steps is an eccentric contraction.  I know you know what that is so I won’t describe it, for anyone that doesn’t know – click the link.  You said your knee pops out of alignment, I’m assuming… Read More ›

Hip Abductors

Guess what, this is an orthopedic post…… The muscles on the outside of your upper thighs and hips are called the hip abductors.  They are primarily responsible for moving the leg away from midline, kicking your leg out to the… Read More ›


This is another orthopedic post.  When your knee hurts and the doctor and physical therapist don’t really know why, you’ll probably be diagnosed as having patellofemoral syndrome(PFS).  PFS happens when your kneecap isn’t tracking properly.  This means that every time you contract… Read More ›