Intention tremor

Synergy moment with Tremors

A search term on my blog recently was the title above “synergy movement with tremors.” I got all those things!! Synergistic movement occurs when (because of the signals coming down form your brain being all messed up) a group of… Read More ›

Resting vs. Intention

Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows that I speak ad nauseam about the fact that I have an intention tremor.  This is the opposite of a resting tremor.  Everyone think of Michael J. Fox.  Parkinson’s Disease causes a resting tremor. … Read More ›

On Purpose

I recently showed off my intention tremor to someone(it makes a great party trick).  So I picked up a cup, my hand started to shake and he said “are you doing that on purpose?”  No.  I take singing lessons every week. … Read More ›


My last post was about taking some stuff to a friend of mine and Barb inquired how I managed to do all of that.  I’ve written posts before about not looking disabled so my regular readers know that about me… Read More ›


I’m starting occupational therapy again next week.  She’s going to work on fine motor stuff.  She asked me what my goals are and I said to write, use a fork with my right hand, and type with both hands.  Now I… Read More ›