mirror box therapy


In my previous life, I let people walk all over me, never expressed how I truly felt, and wallowed in anger in private.  All of this anger and stress probably contributed to my stroke.  Well, a few things have changed… Read More ›

Mirror Box

My parents made me a mirror box using these instructions. How many things can you find in this picture?   If you’d rather just buy one, this one looks good.

Mirror Box Therapy

Peter G. Levine, please read this!!!!  Thanks for the mirror therapy suggestion.  I think that stuff is like some kind of magic.  Not really, but it obviously works really well.  In just 2 months of doing this, I have WAY… Read More ›


I’m starting occupational therapy again next week.  She’s going to work on fine motor stuff.  She asked me what my goals are and I said to write, use a fork with my right hand, and type with both hands.  Now I… Read More ›