I named this post Barb because this was completely her idea and she has emailed me with questions and given me multiple ideas for blog posts.  Thanks Barb!  🙂  Usually I have an answer.  I hate not having an answer. … Read More ›

The Myotome Dance

A myotome is the muscle(s) that correlates to a spinal segment.  For example, your biceps are your C5 myotome.  Or is it C6?  I forget, anyway the nerves that come out of the 5th segment of your spine control the biceps.  So… Read More ›


This is a technique they taught us in PT school for stretching muscles and it works, I used it all the time. I used it on orthopedic injuries. I saw regular muscles that had tears and pops and strains and… Read More ›

Failure Again

I wrote a post on muscle failure.  Physical therapists will often strap a 2 pound weight on your ankle and say do 30 kick thingies.  I’m guilty of this.  For an injured muscle or muscles that have never been exercised… Read More ›