I told my mom to get a lumbar roll recently and told her to leave it in the car so it’s always there when she drives. I told her I’d make sure that it was positioned correctly and then she… Read More ›

Low Back Pain

My mom had some low back pain recently, she did what I told her to do and she felt better.  I learned this after PT school, I learned to treat this way in my McKenzie courses. My mom said that… Read More ›

Neck Retractions

When I was working, I went to all kinds of classes and took some tests to become certified in this.  It’s a super duper way to treat back and neck pain based on patient movement.  It takes 3 or 4… Read More ›

Good Posture

I was complimented on my posture yesterday so I thought I’d write about it.  It’s a natural thing for me to have great posture and never slouch but it’s not at all natural for most people.  If you fix your posture, you’ll… Read More ›