Range of motion


This is something that I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever do again.  Oh well, such is life I guess.  I will never be an orthopedic physical therapist again because of my physical issues.   Someone with… Read More ›

End Feel

My cousin is having some shoulder issues and emailed me for any advice I could give.  She said that she’s getting stronger but she can’t actively complete her full range of motion by herself.  That’s ok, she will.  But for… Read More ›

Range of Motion

I lost no range of motion after my stroke.  I can still move my arms, legs, and feet every way they want to go.  It looks funny because it’s lacking coordination but I can do it.  Most of the time… Read More ›

Passive Movement

Passive  movement means someone or something else moving your limbs, hands through their available range of motion.  Or you can do it yourself with the “good hand.”  So you’re not doing any work with the affected area, an external force is… Read More ›