Hi everyone.  🙂  Long time no talk.  My plan was to take a break from blogging for a month or 2 as I build back up a semi-normal life but Dean f’ed up my plan by e-mailing me and asking me… Read More ›


Barb e-mailed me a question recently that stumped me.  She said that her spastic arm went limp one day.  Now in all of my medical training, I learned that it is always going to be flaccidity followed by spasticity.  But… Read More ›


This is a technique they taught us in PT school for stretching muscles and it works, I used it all the time. I used it on orthopedic injuries. I saw regular muscles that had tears and pops and strains and… Read More ›


Barb just got Botox injected into her forearm and it worked!  In her latest blog post she said that she can open her hand fully.  That’s awesome, Botox won’t always have an effect.  So, you’ve heard of Botox.  It’s the stuff… Read More ›

Biceps and Triceps

Ok, after a stroke your biceps are probably going to work a lot more than your triceps.  This doesn’t mean those muscles are stronger, they probably are, but they’re still weak, you can’t control them.  Biceps bend the arm and triceps straighten… Read More ›