This is a technique they taught us in PT school for stretching muscles and it works, I used it all the time. I used it on orthopedic injuries. I saw regular muscles that had tears and pops and strains and… Read More ›


After a stroke, your muscles will most likely move synergistically.  You’ll have synergistic movement.  Synergistic movement means multiple muscles will move at the same time.  Sometimes, this is a normal thing.  Not after a stroke.  When something happens to the… Read More ›


It’s much more important how often you do something, not how long you do it.  Commonly, people say you should hold a stretch for 30 seconds.  I never learned anything like that in school.  I don’t know how long you… Read More ›

Range of Motion

I lost no range of motion after my stroke.  I can still move my arms, legs, and feet every way they want to go.  It looks funny because it’s lacking coordination but I can do it.  Most of the time… Read More ›