synergistic movement

Synergy moment with Tremors

A search term on my blog recently was the title above “synergy movement with tremors.” I got all those things!! Synergistic movement occurs when (because of the signals coming down form your brain being all messed up) a group of… Read More ›

Synergistic Movement

That stats year round up thing said that my most popular post was the one on synergistic movement. That’s interesting. I wrote that a long time ago when I still thought I knew something about recovering from a stroke so… Read More ›


Barb e-mailed me a question about her muscles and I said it’s synergistic movement, I was wrong.  She said that sometimes opposing muscles will contract, like when she fires her triceps her biceps will also contract.  That’s not synergy.  Synergistic… Read More ›


When I was in the hospital and doing inpatient rehab my brain was not working very well.  Now, cognitively, it works pretty well I guess but it certainly didn’t then.  I wrote a post entitled Synergistic Movement.  In it I… Read More ›


After a stroke, your muscles will most likely move synergistically.  You’ll have synergistic movement.  Synergistic movement means multiple muscles will move at the same time.  Sometimes, this is a normal thing.  Not after a stroke.  When something happens to the… Read More ›