Lean Forward

It’s hard to get up from a couch sometimes. Especially a really big, soft, cushion-y one. Sometimes, I have to adjust a bunch of times in order to stand up from a couch. Doing the following will make that activity… Read More ›

Sitting Up

I remember waking up in the hospital with a bald head.  That was quite an experience.  I had no idea what happened.  I knew I must have had brain surgery because my head was bald but I had no idea… Read More ›


I got a whole lot of good feedback about my post entitled ‘Center of Gravity.’  In that post, I explained how to easily stand up.  Well, this time I’ll explain an easy way to transfer.  A transfer just means moving… Read More ›

Center of Gravity

I was talking to my friend recently(the OT) and she said that she used to date a guy who thought she was super strong because she could lift and move really heavy people.  Well, she’s not super strong(sorry Vic).  It’s… Read More ›