I’ve written a lot about walking.  This is another thing that I first wrote about before I knew that I didn’t know anything.  They told us in PT school that gait and everything that goes along with gait is a… Read More ›


When a PT stands close to you or holds onto your hips when you walk so you don’t fall, that’s called guarding.  PTs don’t like it when their patient falls, that means a lot of paperwork and paperwork sucks.  So… Read More ›


I was in occupational therapy the other day and there was this girl in there that I’ve gotten to know.  She’s a year and some months out.  She always asks me about my walking.  I walk really well, she does… Read More ›


I can’t run.  I walk pretty well but when I speed up and try to break into a run my brain is like “uhh no you’re not doing that, sorry.”  This sucks because I used to like to go on long… Read More ›


You probably know what that is.  The glutes.  It’s the butt muscles.  The butt muscles straighten the leg, move it behind you and move the leg out to the side depending on what’s contracted. So they’re very important in standing up and are… Read More ›